PROYECTOSMONCLOVA is a contemporary art gallery based in Mexico City that focuses on facilitating dialogues between Mexican and international artists from different generations such as: Eduardo Terrazas, Martin Soto Climent, Fred Sandback, Josephine Meckseper, Tercerunquinto, Helen Escobedo and Chantal Peñalosa among others.

Established in 2005, the gallery’s program has evolved into one of the most important forums for contemporary art in Mexico.

In addition to the exhibition program the gallery publishes books and exhibition catalogues. Recent titles include: Restuarción De Una Pintura Mural: Tercerunquinto 2010-2015, Robert C. Morgan Works 1967-2017, and The Properties of Light: Fred Sandback and Luis Barragán. Exhibition highlights include: Martin Soto Climent Caramel Huysmans (2015), Fred Sandback, The Properties of Light (2016), Andreas Slominski, dre omins (2016), Eduardo Terrazas, Con tan sólo mirar… (2016), Tercerunquinto, Doble Fondo (2017) and Josephine Meckseper (forthcoming) (2017).



Colima 55 Roma Norte
Mexico City 06700
+52 (55) 5525 9715
+52 (55) 4754 3546



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