PROYECTOSMONCLOVA is a contemporary art gallery based in Mexico City that focuses on facilitating dialogues between Mexican and international artists from different generations such as: Eduardo Terrazas, Fred Sandback, Martin Soto Climent, Josephine Meckseper, Tercerunquinto, Helen Escobedo and Chantal Peñalosa among others.

Established in 2005, the gallery’s program has evolved into one of the most important forums for contemporary art in Mexico.

In addition to the exhibition program the gallery publishes books and exhibition catalogues. Recent titles include: Restoration of a Mural Painting. Tercerunquinto 2000-2015Robert C. Morgan. Works 1967-2017The Properties of Light. Luis Barragán-Fred Sandback (forthcoming). Exhibition highlights include: Caramel Huysmans. Martin Soto Climent (2015); TRUE STORY, collective show curated by Michel Blancsubé (2015); The Properties of Light. Fred Sandback (2016); dre omins. Andreas Slominski (2016); Doble fondo. Tercerunquinto (2017); Concept and Painting. Robert C. Morgan (2017); and the upcoming Josephine Meckseper (2017).


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Gabriel de la Mora




  • Edgardo Aragón

01 – Brothers, 2009       

Images that documents the staging of a fight between the two brothers, alluding precisely to common violent conflicts between siblings in the region. 

02 – Martyrs, 2012

Imitation of forged nails carved from a piece of wood, cut illegally in Southern Mexico.

 03 – Weights, 2008

Is a thought provoking work on the idea of territory from the vernacular culture in relation to the social and legal justification that exists in our society –particularly in rural and local communities– where people have the right to kill if their land or space is invaded. It’s a game of parity that compares the weight of a bullet with a handful of soil, which is a symbol used at funerals to say goodbye to the deceased. The bullet on the other hand, is a 9mm one that although illegal, is commonly used in Mexico.

 04 – Ten Cents, 2008

Coin of the lowest denomination casted in gold.

 05 – Montealbán, 2012

An action that consisted of extracting a stone from the archeological site of Montealbán, in Oaxaca, Mexico, which was then pulverized in order to make 50 stamps on paper of pre-hispanic origin, with the image of a house. This project stands for the houses that were torn down in 2009 by the police, after 50 families (whose genetic origin goes back to those of the original founders of Montealbán) invaded the surroundings of the antique settlement.

 06 – Zapata, 2013

Is a tombstone covered with soil from the Chinameca Hacienda, where Emiliano Zapata was killed. The work takes the soil from the site, including seeds from that place; the intention is to let the plants grow, watering them constantly until the soil becomes completely infertile due to natural wearing out and erosion. This gesture is established as a metaphor about the way contemporary society identifies the revolutionary icon of Emiliano Zapata, an image so worn out that ends up becoming sterile.

 07 – Untitled, 2011

It is an attempt to camouflage the future owner of the land with the soil of the same terrain.

 08 – Scarecrow, 2009

This project consists of a series of interventions in an area in constant conflict, due to the irregular sale of land and the superstition of its inhabitants.

 09 – Bonebreaker , 2012

Bone-breaker is an action whose objective is to train a bird of prey so that it overflies systemically and constantly a land for cultivation that was inherited to the artist by his grandfather, who acquired it after the sale of his rifle with which he fought in the Mexican Revolution.

 10 – Silver Inc., 2013

Is a phrase that was publicly shared in 2011 against Canadian mining in Oaxaca. The artist creates a set of meanings as the phrase is made of the same materials extracted from the land protected by the communities. The result is a type of graffiti made of silver lettering.

 11- The Assignment, 2012

This artwork consists of the elaboration of a symbolic protest in an abandoned mine where a chorus executes a composition with a barroque tone; the composition is inspired by the slogans against mining companies in many Latinamerican countries.